Company Info

We are one of the largest online dating websites in the world. We have millions of users from different parts of the country. We have spent many years in this field and have been able to help create many successful couples. The credit for our success goes to our incredible team and supportive users.
Our team consists of some very talented engineers and highly qualified couple counselors. The counselors, through studies and research, keep trying to understand the actual basis of a successful relationship. We want to figure out which aspects of two different persons can be compared to tell whether they will click or not. We have already gathered a lot of data on this and our engineers have created a very effective algorithm, which has brought many couples together. But we want to keep on improving, thus we continue the research.

Our mission:
We aim at providing world class dating services to all our users. Through our website, we want to bring true soul mates together. We want to eliminate the need of dating so many different people in order to find that special someone. So, stop being dependent on others for finding a match for you and get registered with us.